What does a woman want from man is a mystery since history. Several psychologists, philosophers, poets and intellectuals tried to find out but failed miserably. Why a woman is so different from man? What makes her unique and different? Is it because God created all women to be beautiful? Let us find out the same. 

What Does A Woman Want?

“A woman asks little of love: only that she be able to feel like a heroine.” - Mignon McLaughlin

Woman likes the man who perseveres. She wants her man to groom well and smell well. She may not expect her man to be too handsome but would be comfortable if he is average good looking. She wants him to be energetic and enthusiastic. She is more possessive about her man. She searches for a man who can handhold throughout her life. She wants her man to be honest and above board. She wants him to be witty and intelligent and with good memory. She wants him to be confidential. She does not care for the age gap. What she wants is that she wants to be constantly cared, loved, cuddled, praised and admired. She wants her man to be loyal forever. 

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