How to Straighten Hair without Heat for Curly Hair

Home Remedies for Curly Hair to Making it Straight How to Straighten Hair Home Remedies 

How to Make Curly Hair Straight using Home Remedies

How to Turn Curly Hair into Straight Hair Permanently

How Can I Change My Curly Hair to Straight Hair

How to Get Permanent Straight Hair at Home without Heat

How to Straighten Curly Hair at Home
Home Remedies for Curly Hair to Making it Straight

How to Straighten Hair Naturally without Heat or Chemicals

Curly hair is a big problem in these days you are not alone into this matter many people are finding on the web that how they can straighten curly hair. Today i am come up with a home remedy with curly to straighten hair. Here is the Natural Home remedy for your curly Hair.

Ingredients for Recipe:

Banana: 1 Banana 
Honey: 2 Teaspoon
Sunflower Cooking Oil: 2 TeaSpoon
Vitamin E Capsule : 3 Capsules
Get all these things properly mix into hot water and apply onto your hairs for approximately 2 hours. After that wash your hair. The benefit of this mask it is not only for your curly hair to straighten but also your hair will smooth and shiny like silk.

Note: 3 to 4 Drops of Provate - S Lotion pour some water into it and apply it to your hair with applying this you will see a shine and this will also help to stop frizz in your hair.

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  1. Any side effect

    1. you can try it at your own risk but usually herbs and natural things don't harm you in any way.